Publication : The Ubuntu Spotlight – 1st Edition 2024.

Dear readers,

As we gear up for the New Year, it is with a reflective sense of strategic intent and commitment that I extend my greetings to each of you. This year, the East Africa Philanthropy Network stands on the cusp of significant evolutionary strides – a period defined not just by growth, but by the impactful expansion of our influence and operations.

Central to our strategy this year is our geographic expansion. It is with a sense of pioneering ambition that we announce our venture into the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi. These markets represent not simply new territories, but productive grounds for the seeds of indigenous philanthropy we aim to sow and nurture. I invite you to join us as we set off on this journey, leveraging our collective expertise to make an impact in these regions.

In retrospect, the previous year was a critical one, marked by both grateful farewells and enthusiastic welcomes within our board. To our departing board members, I extend heartfelt thanks for their unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions. Concurrently, we are poised to harness the dynamism and innovative insights of our newly appointed board members. Their acumen is pivotal as we navigate increasingly complex philanthropic endeavors. Welcome aboard.

Recognizing the imperative for enhanced sector responsiveness, we concluded the previous year with the establishment of five specialized working groups: Ecosystem Strengthening, Enabling Environment Fostering, Impact Investing, International Affairs, and the Academic Institutions Reference Group in Philanthropy. These groups are not just thematic focal points but are pots for innovation and collaboration. I encourage those among you whose work aligns with these domains to engage actively with these groups – your expertise and commitment are vital to our collective success.

This month marks a significant milestone – the completion of our comprehensive activity plan for 2024. This blueprint is a clarion call for engagement and collective action. I urge you to identify and participate in endeavors aligned with your expertise and passion. Synergized, we can augment our impact and forge revolutionary change.

In our commitment to keeping you informed and engaged, I emphasize the importance of subscribing to our newsletter. Beyond this, I encourage you to actively engage with us through our social media channels, direct communication, and by visiting our offices. Your insights, feedback, and participation are invaluable in shaping the trajectory of our network.

As we proceed through this year, let us do so with a shared vision of creating sustainable, impactful change across East Africa. I am confident that, with your support and group effort, we will achieve unparalleled milestones in philanthropic excellence.

Wishing you all a year of achievements.

Evans Okinyi, CEO – East Africa Philanthropy Network