Working Group on International Affairs

The “Working Group on International Affairs” is a community of practice focused on enhancing the global engagement of the philanthropic sector. It aims to strengthen ties between local philanthropic organizations and international bodies, facilitating a robust exchange of ideas and best practices.


Strategic Global Integration: To seamlessly integrate local philanthropic efforts with international development agendas, ensuring global relevance and impact.

Influential Policy Advocacy: To champion policy changes that align with international philanthropic standards, aiming to shape a more cohesive and effective global philanthropy landscape.

Dynamic Global Collaboration: To cultivate a vibrant platform for engaging with international partners, fostering innovative collaborations and sharing transformative practices for global philanthropic success.

Criteria for Joining:

  • Members should have a demonstrated history of involvement or interest in international philanthropy or related fields.
  • Potential members are expected to possess expertise in global affairs, with the ability to influence policy or practice in the sector.
  • A strong commitment to collaborative work, including active participation in group discussions, initiatives, and advocacy efforts.

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