Climate Change Philanthropy Working Group

This community is strategically positioned to augment the collaborative efforts tackling climate change within the region and convenes experts, leaders, and practitioners to enhance cooperation, stimulate impactful discussions, and collectively shape effective climate action strategies. It aims to establish an inclusive framework for embedding climate change considerations into philanthropic endeavors throughout East Africa and beyond.


  • Framework Development for Climate Action: To devise a comprehensive framework that seamlessly integrates climate change into philanthropic activities and decision-making.
  • Expert Collaboration and Dialogue: To create a platform for ongoing dialogue among climate experts, fostering a collaborative approach to climate-related challenges.
  • Knowledge Dissemination and Capacity Building: To offer a range of up-to-date resources and events, empowering organizations with the latest insights and strategies in climate change philanthropy.
  • Enhancing Climate Visibility in Philanthropy: To elevate the prominence of climate issues in philanthropic and broader development conversations, ensuring a focused and sustained commitment to climate action.
  • Fostering Strategic Alliances: To encourage and facilitate meaningful collaborations between private funders and organizations actively involved in climate change initiatives.

Criteria for Joining:

  • Demonstrated engagement or commitment to addressing climate change through philanthropy.
  • Willingness to share knowledge and resources, and actively participate in joint climate action initiatives.
  • Possession of, or interest in developing, expertise in climate-related fields to contribute effectively to the CoP.
  • Readiness to partake in dialogues, capacity-building, and strategic implementation within the CoP.

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