Working Group on Health

This aligns stakeholders from the philanthropy sector to enhance and sustain health systems. Focused on improving health access, this collaborative network facilitates critical dialogues and resource sharing to strengthen health infrastructures regionally and locally, fostering cross-sector partnerships and continuous learning.

Strategic Objectives:

Health System Innovation: To drive the development of innovative health systems that are adaptable and responsive to evolving community needs.

Knowledge Exchange and Capacity Building: To facilitate ongoing learning and capacity enhancement among members, ensuring the adoption of best practices in health system management.

Collaborative Health Initiatives: To spearhead collaborative projects that leverage the strengths and resources of diverse stakeholders for greater impact in health access and quality.

Community Engagement and Empowerment: To engage with community representatives actively, ensuring health initiatives are inclusive and community-centric.

Sustainable Health Solutions: To focus on sustainable, long-term solutions in health, aligning with regional and global health goals.

Criteria for Joining:

  • Members must be dedicated to improving health access and outcomes.
  • A willingness to engage in cross-sector partnerships and collaborative projects.
  • Members should bring valuable insights, experience, or expertise in health system management or related fields.
  • A requirement for active participation in discussions, initiatives, and knowledge-sharing activities.

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