Philanthropy and Accountability

Enhancing Accountability in Philanthropy

Dynamic Accountability which is defined as “a systemic approach to CSO accountability that is grounded in meaningful engagement with all stakeholders that is inclusive, participatory and continuous practice”; creates a transformational relationship between a CSO and its stakeholders, where missions are adaptive to all stakeholders’ needs and trust underpins all actions within the partnerships. Thereby, enhancing overall effectiveness of the work of development agents and the philanthropists that enable their work. The traditional concept of accountability has failed to achieve this transformation effectively and sustainably.

In advancing the adoption of intentional dynamic accountability practices within the philanthropy sector, the East Africa Philanthropy Network (EAPN) with regional and global collaborators has led a series of consultative, engagement processes with the membership and the broader philanthropy sector. As such, the sessions have been designed to glean lessons for the future on how to set up and manage emergency grants with maximum efficiency, for maximum impact. The discussions have focused on the whole grant management cycle with special emphasis on how organizations are practicing: Inclusive decision-making processes and living the values of participatory grantmaking and dynamic accountability.

Additional Initiatives