Publication : The Ubuntu Spotlight – 5th Edition 2024

As we transition into the latter half of the year, reflecting on our journey, celebrating our achievements, and strategically planning is fitting and necessary. The first six months have been marked by significant growth and impactful contributions, proof of the steadfast dedication of our members, the support of our valued partners, and the visionary leadership that propels us forward. EAPN has fortified its status and established new benchmarks for excellence and innovation. As we advance, the forthcoming months present an array of opportunities to further our mission and amplify our influence. A centerpiece of our strategic agenda is the forthcoming Grantmakers Summit. This formative event will convene preeminent leaders and thought partners in philanthropy, fostering an environment conducive to exchanging game-changing ideas and forging strategic partnerships. It will be a critical platform for charting the course ahead, enabling us to identify innovative pathways for sustainable change and lasting impact. Furthermore, the National Philanthropy Forums’ convenings represent a series of crucial gatherings designed to stimulate critical dialogue, foster innovation, and enhance collaborative efforts. These forums are integral to our mission, providing a dynamic space for addressing pressing challenges and exploring new avenues for impact. Our working groups will play a central role in the ensuing months. These groups, comprising experts and practitioners from diverse disciplines, will delve into specialized focus areas, generating actionable insights and pioneering solutions. Their collaborative endeavors are essential to our strategy of driving systemic change through targeted, evidence-based interventions. We also eagerly anticipate several significant partner events to elevate our engagement and influence further. The 5th African Philanthropy Conference in Victoria Falls will offer a platform to showcase our initiatives and engage with peers across the continent. Additionally, the APN Assembly in November is a much-needed space, fostering deeper connections and strategic alliances within the sector. Our journey thus far has been characterized by remarkable accomplishments attributable to the relentless efforts of our members, partners, friends, and staff. Your dedication, passion, and support have been the foundation of our success, and I extend my deepest gratitude to each of you. As we look to the future, let us embrace the opportunities ahead with renewed vigor and steadfast resolve. The second half of the year holds immense promise, and with your continued support, we are poised to reach even greater heights. We will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, advancing our mission to create a more equitable and just world. Thank you for your solid commitment, collaboration, and belief in our shared vision. Sincerely, Evans Okinyi CEO – East Africa Philanthropy Network.