EA Philanthropy Awards

The East Africa Philanthropy Awards

The East Africa Philanthropy Awards (EAPA) is a mechanism to identify, recognize, amplify and celebrate individuals or organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the growth of philanthropy by demonstrating innovation and leadership in addressing social challenges. 

Philanthropic acts have saved lives, have put smiles on people’s faces, have given hope in times of despair, and have educated some of the most prominent personalities in East Africa today. The award scheme is hinged upon the basic precepts that underlie any human act of good and selflessness that encourages others to not only give but ensure that their giving has an impact on society. 

By highlighting these contributions, the East Africa Philanthropy Network seeks to create awareness and a culture of philanthropy while inspiring emerging philanthropy leaders to give. 

EAPA was launched in 2011, and there have been four rounds of the awards.

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Geographical Coverage

The award covers the East African countries namely Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Award Parameters
  • The Innovative and or unique approaches towards fundraising, implementation and community involvement in the projects 
  • Amounts of time, money or skills put into such projects
  • Project sustainability frameworks
  • The story behind the philanthropic effort
  • The impact of the philanthropic initiatives
  • For established institutions – registration details, audited accounts, governance structures and tax compliance.
Additional Initiatives