This Community of Practice adds to the growing number of resources, efforts, and practical actions taking place in the region including philanthropy organizations, policymakers, and key stakeholders in the public and private sectors focusing on providing direct or indirect support to government agencies, schools, institutions, and communities. This includes post-secondary school education programs, TVETs, and overall youth training programs. 

We are bringing together practitioners from the sector who will Connect experts, leaders, and practitioners support one another in the discussions and charting the way forward in growing the education sector. We have also organized some resources in form of publications, videos and podcasts and events happening within the sector related to this Community of Practice.

Under the guidance of EAPN, various organizations work will together to explore and understand the specific issues facing this sector, such as; linking to philanthropy, learning from each other and identifying overarching challenges, creating and implementing strategies to interact with government agencies to resolve issues, advocating for the sector as a whole, and developing and disseminating relevant learnings. 

This CoP will lead to visibility of education in sector conversations and other development processes with aim to increase connections, collaborations between private funder-grant making organizations with the community.

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