Working Group on Education

The aligns a network of philanthropic organizations, policy makers, and education professionals to revolutionize education in the region. It prioritizes enhancing post-secondary education, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), and youth empowerment programs. This initiative aims to synergize efforts across sectors, fostering an environment where educational institutions and communities can thrive and adapt to the evolving educational landscape.


Integrated Educational Support: To provide holistic support to educational systems, emphasizing post-secondary education, TVET, and youth empowerment.

Cross-Sector Collaboration: To facilitate partnerships across public and private sectors, enhancing resource allocation and program effectiveness.

Knowledge Dissemination and Innovation: To share cutting-edge practices and insights, fostering innovation in educational strategies and methodologies.

Empowerment through Education: To champion youth empowerment programs, ensuring the next generation is equipped with the skills and knowledge for future success.

Outcome-Driven Initiatives: To focus on tangible educational outcomes, measuring and adapting strategies for maximum impact


  • Members must be committed to advancing educational access and quality, particularly in post-secondary and vocational training.
  • Prospective members should bring relevant experience or knowledge in education, youth programs, or policy development.
  • A willingness to actively participate in discussions, workshops, and collaborative projects.
  • A desire to contribute to and implement innovative educational solutions and practices.

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