Working Group on Fostering an Enabling Environment

This group is dedicated to creating a conducive and supportive environment for philanthropic activities. In an era where the role of philanthropy is increasingly critical in addressing complex global challenges, this group seeks to remove barriers and enhance the effectiveness of philanthropic efforts. It focuses on advocating for favorable policies, fostering public-private partnerships, and raising awareness about the importance of philanthropy in societal development.


  • To influence and shape policies that create a favorable legal and fiscal environment for philanthropy.
  • To encourage and facilitate partnerships between governmental bodies, private entities, and non-profits for collaborative impact.
  • To increase understanding and visibility of the role of philanthropy in addressing societal issues.
  • To identify, share, and promote best practices that enhance the efficiency and impact of philanthropic activities.
  • To advocate for and support adherence to international standards and ethical practices in philanthropy.
  • To encourage active community involvement in philanthropic initiatives and decision-making processes.

Criteria For Joining:

  • Experience in philanthropy, policy-making, law, or non-profit management.
  • Ability to advocate for policy changes and influence decision-making.
  • History of successful collaboration in the philanthropic sector.
  • Experience or commitment to promoting philanthropy awareness.
  • Strong commitment to ethical practices in philanthropy.

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