Working Group on Impact Investing

This working group is at the forefront of championing impact investment in the region, dedicated to unlocking new streams of capital for ventures that deliver meaningful impact. By uniting key stakeholders, it acts as a dynamic catalyst, amplifying current initiatives and accelerating the evolution of the impact investment sector.


Embedding Impact Investment: To integrate impact investment deeply within the regional economic framework.

Regional Collaboration Platform: To establish a network for shared learning and cooperative action in impact investment.

Policy Advocacy: To influence and shape policies conducive to the growth of impact investment.

Coordinated Sector Development: To synchronize efforts across the five pillars of impact investment, ensuring a cohesive approach.

Sustainable Leadership and Capacity Building: To create a self-reliant secretariat and enhance the professional skills and capabilities of practitioners in the field.

Criteria for Joining:

  • Members should possess knowledge or experience in impact investing or related financial sectors.
  • A dedication to the development and expansion of the impact investment sector.
  • A willingness to engage actively in collaborative efforts, knowledge sharing, and community-building activities.

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