Working Group on Leadership and Governance

The Leadership and Governance working group is dedicated to enhancing both internal and external leadership, underpinned by robust governance principles. This CoP focuses on developing strong institutional frameworks to improve social service delivery, resource efficiency, and sustainable development. It serves as a cornerstone of our broader strategy for strengthening institutional resilience.


  • Institutional System Enhancement: To develop and refine organizational systems and structures for optimal social service delivery and resource management.
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving: To work with public and private sector organizations, identifying and addressing specific challenges in leadership and governance.
  • Mutual Learning and Strategy Development: To engage in shared learning with partners, creating proactive strategies for effective governance and leadership enhancement.

Criteria for Joining:

  • Commitment to Strong Leadership and Governance: Members must demonstrate a commitment to advancing leadership and governance standards in their organizations.
  • Collaborative and Strategic Mindset: A willingness to collaborate across sectors and contribute strategically to addressing leadership and governance challenges.
  • Active Engagement and Problem-Solving: An eagerness to actively participate in mutual learning, problem identification, and the development of effective governance strategies.

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