Equity, Diversity and Inclusion CoP

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Community of Practice (CoP) at EAPN is a central hub committed to building a more inclusive and equitable society. This CoP focuses on providing resources and fostering actions that promote diversity and tackle systemic barriers, extending its impact regionally and globally.


Promoting Diversity and Equity: To champion diversity and equity across the region by providing resources and initiatives that address systemic barriers.

Facilitating Inclusive Dialogue and Collaboration: To foster an environment of open dialogue and collaboration among diverse groups, enhancing mutual understanding and joint efforts.

Empowering Change Agents: To equip individuals and organizations with the tools and knowledge needed to drive impactful change in DEI practices.

Criteria for Joining:

Commitment to DEI Values: Members must be dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within their spheres of influence.

Active Participation in DEI Efforts: A willingness to engage actively in CoP activities, including discussions, events, and collaborative projects.

Expertise or Interest in DEI: Possessing or seeking expertise in DEI-related areas, contributing to the collective knowledge and effectiveness of the CoP.

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