Membership Types

Our membership model is based on trust, transparency and integrity to ensure that every EAPN member, no matter size or structure, is well served. Learn how EAPN can best serve your organization

Full Membership - $1,000

This membership category is open to philanthropic organizations that are legally established or have a legal presence in East Africa and meet the following criteria or any other as may be determined from time to time by the Board of EAPN.

These organizations may include corporate foundations, family foundations, community foundations, and/or private foundations.

Affiliate Membership- $ 750

This category is open to any organization or entity whether for profit or non-profit that supports philanthropy work across the world.  This may include donor-advised funds, grantmaking intermediaries, donor basket funds, companies, governmental agencies, internationals philanthropy organizations, philanthropy support networks or any other organization approved by the Board of EAPN.

Associate Membership - $400

This category of membership is open to non-grantmaking charitable organizations that engage in social development work and do not meet the qualifications of a full member. They may include faith-based organizations, community-based organizations, civil society organizations and International Non-Governmental Organizations among others

Communities of Practice