EA Philanthropy Conference

The East Africa Philanthropy Conference

The East Africa Philanthropy Conference is the annual signature philanthropy event in the region hosted by the East Africa Philanthropy Network. 

Every year the conference attracts over 300 participants comprising social impact champions, foundation and trust leaders, government representatives, community philanthropy organizations, academia, philanthropy support networks, and other stakeholders within and beyond East Africa.

It is a platform for industry players and practitioners to reflect on emerging issues and practices, examine challenges and identify strategies to advance philanthropy in the region. The conference also provides participants opportunities to network, share best practices and foster strategic partnerships.

8th East Africa Philanthropy Conference 2023

Theme - Systems Transformation: Catalyzing Collective Action

The 8th East Africa Philanthropy Conference, dubbed “Systems Transformation: Catalyzing Collective Action,” took center stage in Zanzibar between June 28 – 30, 2023. Orchestrated by a joint committee of EAPN members, collaborators, and influential stakeholders, the event welcomed 321 participants from 11 nations. 

Several pivotal events added solemness to this gathering. We kicked off with an enlightening masterclass for the EAPN and APN members. The Masterclass delved into the various aspects of wielding and sharing power to deepen the spirit of social justice in philanthropy. Additionally, the EAPN and UNICEF luncheon drew out collaboration as well as enabling an expository space for education practitioners in the region, facilitating candid dialogue and collaboration. 

Notwithstanding, EPIC-AFRICA’s launch of the Africa CSO platform was a significant milestone. The platform serves as a doorway to the African CSO sector, offering data and knowledge about them in order to foster
much-needed transformation in the relationship between African CSOs and their donors. Read more.

Conference Highlights
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