2021 Conference Report: Re-engineering Philanthropy

Anchored on the theme “Re-engineering Philanthropy”, the 7th EAPN virtual conference
held on 7th – 9th September 2021 accelerated calls for the philanthropy ecosystem to build resilience by aligning to changes in the philanthropy ecosystem and climate.

Towards ensuring relevance in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic through establishing innovations that fit and adapt to new realities of philanthropy and creating an enabling environment for philanthropy to thrive.

The three-day conference allowed industry players and practitioners to unpack its theme, dedicating each day to a single sub-theme.

On the first day, the discussions focused on the theme ‘Building Resilience. The plenary session began with conversations on “Sailing the disruptive wave: establishing meaning for philanthropy in emerging realities”.

The second day of the conference was guided by the theme ‘Ensuring Relevance’ to provoke philanthropy to introspect on how to ‘stretch the band’ to ensure it builds on its strengths, maximizes opportunities, shares its aspirations, and demonstrates results, so it remains relevant.

On the third and final day, the conference dived into the theme ‘Enabling Environment’ to escalate calls for reforms in the sector. Conversations focused on building muscle, collaboration in growing philanthropy, and the emerging role of associations in informing standards and frameworks that are key for a conducive environment for the growth of philanthropy in Africa.

The discussions presented a rich combination of knowledge, experience, and expertise, drawing top highlights on the sector’s challenges and approaches towards better philanthropy.