Women in Philanthropy CoP

This platform is for women philanthropists, leaders of private and community foundations, and feminist organizations, providing a space to connect, empower, and share best practices. It highlights the vital role of women as change-makers in philanthropy, driving social impact across various sectors. It focuses on harnessing women’s unique leadership qualities to enhance local resource mobilization and influence policy, thereby amplifying the impact of women’s giving.


  • Empowering Women Philanthropists: To create a supportive network that empowers women in philanthropy, fostering collaboration and shared learning.
  • Enhancing Impact Through Leadership: To harness the leadership and influence of women in philanthropy to drive effective local resource mobilization and policy change.
  • Showcasing Women’s Contributions: To highlight and celebrate the significant impact of women’s philanthropy on social justice and community development.

Criteria for Joining:

  • Role in Philanthropy: Membership is open to women philanthropists, leaders in foundations and trusts, and feminists actively engaged in philanthropic endeavors.
  • Commitment to Women’s Empowerment: A dedication to promoting women’s empowerment and leadership within the philanthropic sector.
  • Active Participation: A willingness to actively engage in the CoP’s activities, including knowledge sharing, networking, and collaborative initiatives.

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