Reference Group for Academic Institutions in Philanthropy

The Reference Group for Academic Institutions in Philanthropy is a pioneering initiative aimed at amplifying the role of philanthropy within academic institutions across East Africa. This group harnesses the collaborative efforts of stakeholders and alumni to mobilize a diverse array of resources for a far-reaching community impact. It focuses on identifying and bolstering emerging philanthropic models in higher education resource mobilization, thereby enriching the regional philanthropic web.


Strategic Fundraising: To systematically identify, document and share innovative learning on philanthropic models for Resource Mobilization within academic institutions, setting a benchmark for excellence.

Best Practice Dissemination: To curate and share best practices widely, elevating the standards of academic philanthropy.

Supportive Environment Creation: To cultivate a nurturing environment that fosters the growth of academic philanthropy and its integration into the broader community.

Research and Storytelling Innovation: To engage in groundbreaking research and compelling storytelling, highlighting the transformative power of academic philanthropy.

Networking and Cross Border Connections: To build and fortify a robust network of academic institutions, enhancing their collective impact on local giving locally, regionally and globally

Criteria for Joining:

  • Members must demonstrate a firm commitment to advancing philanthropy within the academic sector.
  • Potential members should possess the ability to mobilize and manage diverse resources effectively.
  • A requirement for innovative thought leaders who can contribute to the group’s strategic objectives and inspire change.

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