Community Philanthropy CoP

This Community of Practice comprises of foundations focused on reshaping community philanthropy by placing communities at the center of decision-making and resource allocation. Emphasizing power redistribution, it empowers local capacities and integrates technology to democratize philanthropy. The group actively addresses social justice and equity, ensuring marginalized communities have a voice in shaping initiatives aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Empower Community Leadership: To elevate community voices in philanthropy, ensuring they lead in setting priorities and making decisions.

Promote Equity and Justice: To focus on social justice and equity, actively working to address and reduce systemic inequalities.

Integrate Technological Innovations: To leverage digital tools for efficient resource management and broader community engagement.

Sustainable Development Alignment: To align philanthropic efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focusing on creating lasting impact.

Criteria for Joining:

  • Members must demonstrate a dedication to prioritizing community leadership and input in their philanthropic activities.
  • A strong alignment with principles of equity and social justice in philanthropic endeavors.
  • Openness to incorporating technology and new methodologies in philanthropy.
  • An operational focus that aligns with or contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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