UnConferencing on Data: Exciting Possibilities to Surmount Challenges

We were excited to gather over 92 organizations in Nairobi on 22nd February 2024. Our aim was to explore how data-driven learning can further our social impact goals. This event was collaboratively hosted by Dasra, Adeso, East Africa Philanthropy Network, GlobalGiving, Project Tech4Dev, and Let’s Create Africa. Read more  

A Data-Driven Safari of Social Impact

This blog was written by Kavneet Kaur from Dasra As I arrived at Sawela Lodge in Naivasha last Sunday morning, I felt the weight of fatigue from travel lift as I absorbed the stunning landscape and the contagious energy of the workshop attendees. Read more

Nairobi_Unconference: Beyond Data, Beyond Borders.

In a world seeking solutions, where challenges fuel our collective spirit, we witnessed a spark of hope ignite at the “Unconference: Beyond Data, Beyond Borders.” This gathering wasn’t just about breaking barriers, it was about unlocking the power within each of us to build solutions. Let’s delve into the inspiring reflections and insights gleaned from this transformative…

Beyond Data, Beyond Borders: Unleashing Data-Driven Impact: Insights from Nairobi UnConference

Imagine a room buzzing with shared experiences, diverse perspectives, and a collective hunger to harness technology for social good. That’s exactly what unfolded at the “Nairobi UnConference: Beyond Data, Beyond Borders,” a collaborative event hosted by GlobalGiving , Dasra , Adeso , Project Tech4Dev , The Agency Fund and Lets Create Africa (LCA) . Read more

Philanthropy and Changing Power Dynamics

Webinars and reports on shifting power, decolonizing aid, or transforming development are widespread. In this blog post, Matilda Maseno discusses the challenges, shifts, and decision-making arenas to be considered as philanthropy moves toward a new ecosystem based on philanthropic generosity, driven by shared values with those closest to the challenges driving social change.