The Landscape of Support to Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy is in a phase of rapid growth and is becoming more important to WINGS’ members. This report looks at how those members are currently addressing the issue.

The report is mainly drawn from the findings of a survey of WINGS members. It is intended to enable WINGS members to share their experiences, giving the basic material to enable learning between peers and to develop the field into a more coherent community of practice. This is important because it is clear from the results of the survey that WINGS members are at different stages of development in what is an emerging field. Peer learning is particularly useful at this point in time so that WINGS members can develop their skills and capacities in this important area of work.

Two sets of figures are used in the report. In section 5, entitled ‘A snapshot of support organizations serving corporate philanthropy’, the analysis is based on the 63 WINGS members and network participants that have corporations or corporate foundations among their members and clients. In other sections, the analysis is based on a detailed qualitative survey completed by 39 respondents from 32 organizations. Section 9, entitled Reflections, widens the scope of the enquiry and looks at what the latest available literature suggests are the major trends against which WINGS members’ work unfolds, while section 10 draws out some likely implications for their future efforts.