East Africa Giving Report 2021

The bi-annual report on giving practices in East Africa. The study undertaken in 2021 gives insights into the region’s giving practices in 2020 and 2021

Shedding light on the increased interest and appreciation of givers in the East African context.

The study on the State of Philanthropy in East Africa targeted institutions that are and continue to promote local giving practices. From community-based entities, family-owned, to private social entities. The study demonstrates the growing wealth of information and knowledge on local giving in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The study focused on uncovering findings on perspectives of institutional givers, their sources of giving, their priority constituents, and their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. It also explored partnership building and accountability as tenets that support the enabling environment of giving in East Africa.

The report makes the following observations and recommendations to practitioners and strategic partners:

There is a need to establish a guideline at the East African level that informs the national legal frameworks on giving practices. This will enhance recognition of and collaboration in the philanthropy sector.

The growth of philanthropy capital depends on long-term investments and focusing on impact, individual giving, partnerships that promote systemic change and critical role technology plays in emerging giving practices.

The future of philanthropy is in communities – but requires the capacity to anchor, mobilize resources and nurture alternate leadership coupled with maximizing local skills and talents. Philanthropy must invest in partnerships and collaborations.