Kenya Philanthropy Forum

Philanthropy Forum Kenya

Kenya Philanthropy Forum brings together philanthropy institutions and individuals to interact, share and engage in efforts that promote philanthropy in Kenya. The forum further seeks to heighten recognition of the philanthropy sector in the national development agenda with a vision for a collaborative, integrated, and influential forum for Kenyan philanthropists and social investors.

Forum Objectives
  1. Strengthen partnerships among the philanthropy actors by building synergies and leveraging investment resources for greater impact.
  2. Supporting the institutional strengthening of philanthropy actors in program development and implementation.
  3. Strengthen collective research, collation of data, documentation, peer learning, and best practices.
  4. Engage national and county governments and other development institutions to proactively respond to development challenges, and promote a conducive environment for the growth of philanthropy in Kenya.

Forum Membership​

Private foundations, family foundations, community foundations, corporate foundations ,and faith-based giving in addition to private companies with structured CSR departments.