Publication : Ubuntu Spotlight, 9th Edition 2023

Greetings to EAPN Family, as we unveil another edition of our monthly newsletter, I wish to express my profound gratitude for your sustained readership. Your engagement not only enriches our dialogues but also reinforces our collective commitment to the cause we cherish.

To the backbone of EAPN – our members, the resilience and vigor you exhibit in championing sustainable development are nothing short of remarkable. The footprints of change you leave in communities across our region continually inspire me.

I would be remiss not to acknowledge the cornerstone of our accomplishments – our partners. The faith and conviction you place in our shared mission have catalyzed many a life-changing initiative. Your firm partnership fuels my optimism for the boundless horizons we are yet to explore.

A nod of respect and admiration to the EAPN secretariat. Your steadfast dedication is the silent engine propelling our initiatives, and I could not be prouder of the dedication you demonstrate.

This month, we have witnessed a confluence of events that underscore our shared values. The second Kenya Philanthropy Forum in Kisumu, centered on ‘Tech-Driven Philanthropy for Communities’ Sustainability’, was an enlightening convergence of ideas and perspectives. We then transitioned to the second Annual LightUp Impact Days conference, co-hosted with LightUp Impact, echoing the clarion call of ‘Shifting the Power’. Our ambition remains clear: to ensure the grassroots is not just heard but also empowered. The recent Tanzania Philanthropy Forum encapsulated the essence of our ethos – the power of synergy. As we champion collaborative philanthropy, we are reminded that in unity, our impact is magnified.

On the horizon, there are stimulating engagements to anticipate. From the #WINGSForum2023 to the Philanthropy Forum Uganda and our Members Summit, rest assured we would keep you abreast.

In our pursuit of knowledge and insights, we have embarked on a critical research initiative in partnership with the Sivio Institute. This study aims to assess the legal frameworks shaping philanthropy in East Africa. Concurrently, through the RINGO Project Phase 2 with WACSI, we aim to glean insights into the dynamics between funders and INGOs. I urge your active participation in these endeavors.

In closing, I invite you to stay actively connected. Share your stories, insights, and experiences – they enrich our web of knowledge. If you have not yet subscribed to our channels, I recommend doing so for timely updates. Until our next engagement, enjoy this edition and remain steadfast in our shared journey.

Evans Okinyi,

Chief Executive Officer EAPN.