Publication : The Ubuntu Spotlight – 10th Edition 2023

Dear EAPN Family, As we unfold another edition of our newsletter, I extend my sincerest gratitude for your unwavering commitment and readership. Through this platform, we remain devoted to bringing you pertinent updates that mirror the significant strides and innovations within our network. It is paramount to recognize our distinguished members and partners. Their contributions, chronicled in these pages, reflect the depth and breadth of our collaborative impact across the region. Such dedicated pursuits in philanthropy warrant nothing short of our collective admiration. To our counterparts in Rwanda and Ethiopia, my deepest gratitude is with you. The dedication and passion you have exhibited have played a focal role in our successful launches. If your operations are concentrated in or extend to Rwanda and Ethiopia, I earnestly invite you to immerse yourself in these national forums that are already up and running. Our shared vision is evident: we are on a mission to cultivate a strong philanthropic ecosystem. This is not merely about enhancing sustainable development but also about forging deeper regional ties and promulgating best practices. In Rwanda and Ethiopia, we have been diligently working towards sculpting a philanthropic landscape that is adaptive to each country’s unique context, promotes streamlined collaboration, and champions a unified vision for future undertakings. In the spirit of fostering global connections and collaborations, I would also like to draw your attention to our lead-up to the global #ShiftThePower conference in Bogota this December. As a precursor, we have the Kenyan preparatory forum on November 10, co-facilitated alongside our partner, KCDF. This initiative seeks to align our regional aspirations with the overarching global agenda, ensuring a harmonized approach. As we edge closer to the culmination of the year, I am elated to announce the EAPN Annual Members Summit slated for November 26-30. This summit serves as an annual touchstone, a moment to both reflect on our achievements and to delineate our path forward. Moreover, December promises to be a month of celebration. We are on the cusp of marking two decades of EAPN’s dedication to philanthropic excellence with a gala dinner. More information about this landmark event will be forthcoming. For those intrigued by our work and keen on deeper engagement, please do not hesitate to reach out either directly to me or through To stay consistently updated with our activities and announcements, I urge you to subscribe to our newsletter HERE. In closing, I am deeply appreciative of your firm support and active participation in shaping the philanthropic landscape of East Africa. Enjoy the read, Evans Okinyi.