Publication : Ubuntu Spotlight, 4th Edition 2023

We are delighted to present to you The Ubuntu Spotlight – 4th Edition, 2023. In this issue, EAPN is excited to announce that the registration for the eighth East Africa Philanthropy Conference is now open and ongoing. We encourage our members, partners and other stakeholders to take advantage of the early bird registration offer open now until 31st May. As you are undoubtedly aware, the philanthropy conference is a gathering of 300+ philanthropic practitioners and organizations. It is well thought-out, innovative and facilitative space for actors in African philanthropy to plan, garner meaningful contacts, reflect, and develop impactful action centered on the accomplishments and defies within the sector. This edition also presents news from EAPN members and partners. It has updates from Kenya Community Development Foundation, The Family Bank Foundation, The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, the Foundation for Tomorrow and the Gertrude’s Foundation. Our strategic partners like the Africa Philanthropy Network, Sivio Institute, Ashoka Visionary Program inter-alia also have featured news. Also incorporated, is the 2023 Year of Return and Connections set to happen in July. This edition also presents a number of global articles that readers could leverage to enhance their knowledge on matters philanthropy. We are also pleased to share a few opportunities deemed expedient if explored! Relish the read!