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The State of Philanthropy in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s philanthropic landscape is undergoing evolution, propelled by a mix of cultural traditions and emerging formal structures. The legislative and regulatory environment, though present, lacks clarity and efficiency, posing challenges to philanthropic activities. However, opportunities abound, including a heightened social awareness, and governmental support for civil society and private sector development.

The Ubuntu Spotlight – 5th Edition 2024

As we transition into the latter half of the year, reflecting on our journey, celebrating our achievements, and strategically planning is fitting and necessary. The first six months have been marked by significant growth and impactful contributions, proof of the steadfast dedication of our members, the support of our valued partners, and the visionary leadership that propels us forward. EAPN has fortified its status and established new benchmarks for excellence and innovation. As we advance, the forthcoming months present an array of opportunities to further our mission and amplify our influence.

The State of Philanthropy in Rwanda

This report offers a comprehensive examination of the legal and operational landscape for philanthropic entities within Rwanda. It scrutinizes various dimensions such as registration protocols, funding streams, motivations driving philanthropic engagement, and the hurdles confronting organizations in this sector.

The Ubuntu Spotlight – 3rd Edition 2024

In alignment with our commitment to excellence, we are pleased to announce our collaboration with the Tanzania Philanthropy Organization and the Foundation for Civil Society in hosting a seminal event in Arusha on April 18th. This convening, centered on ‘Financing Locally-led Climate Action,’ promises to be a key moment in our ongoing discourse. Concurrently, we will delve into ‘Operationalizing the Sustainable Development Goals within Community Foundations’, aimed at strengthening both emerging and established community foundations in Tanzania. We encourage you to stay tuned for further details on our social media channels. The same month will also mark our debut in Ethiopia, in partnership with the Philanthropy Forum of Ethiopia, signaling a continued commitment to our strategic growth and impact across the region.

The Ubuntu Spotlight – 2nd Edition 2024

The 2024 2nd Edition of The Ubuntu Spotlight is now available, with a special focus on Community Foundations. We’re proud to present exceptional stories from the Tanzania Community Foundations Network. Inside, discover an op-ed by our CEO, Evans Okinyi on the multidimensional impacts of community foundations from a global viewpoint, alongside an insightful piece by Mr. Mwadhini Myanza, Executive Director of TCFN, on “The Future of Community Foundations”.

The Ubuntu Spotlight – 1st Edition 2024.

Dear readers, as we gear up for the New Year, it is with a reflective sense of strategic intent and commitment that I extend my greetings to each of you. This year, the East Africa Philanthropy Network stands on the cusp of significant evolutionary strides – a period defined not just by growth, but by the impactful expansion of our influence and operations.

The Ubuntu Spotlight – 11th Edition, 2023

Dear Family, as we approach the culmination of yet another remarkable year, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude and excitement. It is a time for reflection, acknowledgment, and forward thinking, and I am pleased to connect with you through this edition. Primarily, I extend my deepest appreciation to all the members of the East Africa Philanthropy Network. Your unwavering support and dedication have been the driving force behind our numerous accomplishments this year. Your contributions have not only enriched our network but have also significantly influenced the communities we serve. We are immensely thankful for your partnership and look forward to scaling new heights together in 2024.

The Ubuntu Spotlight – 10th Edition 2023

Through this platform, we remain devoted to bringing you pertinent updates that mirror the significant strides and innovations within our network. It is paramount to recognize our distinguished members and partners.

Ubuntu Spotlight, 9th Edition 2023

Greetings to EAPN Family, as we unveil another edition of our monthly newsletter, I wish to express my profound gratitude for your sustained readership. Your engagement not only enriches our dialogues but also reinforces our collective commitment to the cause we cherish.

Ubuntu Spotlight – 8th Edition 2023

This edition comes packed with information and opportunities that you would not want to miss. At the heart of EAPN lies a fervent passion: to create vibrant platforms that stimulate pivotal and timely conversations. We are delighted to share our second round of this venture in this direction – the national philanthropy forums set to take place in Kisumu (Kenya), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), and Kampala (Uganda). To enhance our symbiotic relationship with the media and amplify the narratives of philanthropy, these forums will coincide with media roundtables. With these steps, our aim is not just to fortify our bond with the media, but to ensure that the tales of achievements, milestones, and aspirations of the philanthropic space resonate across borders.


At EAPN, we continually strive to create impactful platforms for collaboration, learning, and dialogue through strategic initiatives such as capacity building, cutting-edge research, and dynamic convening’s. Our work is anchored in the aspiration to influence societal transformation positively. In this spirit, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to join us for the upcoming National Philanthropy Forums in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. These events promise to be vibrant platforms for insightful discourse on philanthropy, societal development, and our collaborative efforts towards advancing our shared objectives.


In this edition of our newsletter, we are excited to present you with a curated selection of great articles from our esteemed members. These articles delve into various aspects of philanthropy, offering
unique understandings, innovative  strategies, and inspiring success stories. We encourage you to explore these pieces, which provide valuable knowledge and practical guidance for philanthropic
endeavors. Additionally, we want to highlight a few upcoming philanthropic events that you simply cannot afford to miss.


At the heart of our mission is a commitment to empower change and create a lasting impact. We firmly believe that by fostering collaboration, embracing innovative approaches, and engaging diverse stakeholders, we can address the pressing challenges faced by our region and drive sustainable development.

Ubuntu Spotlight, 4th Edition 2023

This edition also presents news from EAPN members and partners. It has updates from Kenya Community Development Foundation, The Family Bank Foundation, The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, the Foundation for Tomorrow and the Gertrude’s Foundation.

Our strategic partners like the Africa Philanthropy Network, Sivio Institute, Ashoka Visionary Program inter-alia also have featured news. Also incorporated, is the 2023 Year of Return and Connections set to happen in July.
This edition also presents a number of global articles that readers could leverage to enhance their knowledge on matters philanthropy. We are also pleased to share a few opportunities deemed expedient if explored!