While it may not be immediately possible to eliminate cancer, one important initiative in Kenya seeks to reduce the burden of this disease in the country. The Africa Cancer Foundation (ACF) was formed in July 2011 with a mission to promote the prevention of cancer and provide holistic solutions to people affected by cancer in Africa.One of the specific goals of the foundation is to strengthen relevant sectors of society for the screening, control and management of cancer. The foundation provides capacity building support to individuals on awareness creation about cancer, cancer prevention, and policy development support. ACF also works with a consortium of cancer organizations including the Kenya Network of Cancer Organizations (KENCO) to provide support to cancer patients.

During its lifetime, ACF has made significant contributions towards cancer screening and education. The foundation has screened over 12,000 people in 10 counties across Kenya, more than any other organization or national institution in the country. ACF has also published materials and guidelines for both patients and caregivers on various types of cancers. In addition, the foundation has supported numerous initiatives to help Kenyans with cancer access information and treatment to improve their quality of life in diverse ways. Recently, ACF has carried out research in 9counties to assess the existing capacity to diagnose and treat various cancers. The findings revealed that most cancer services are concentrated in Nairobi, followed by the large urban centres of Kisumu and Mombasa.

Africa Cancer Foundation has also made important contributions towards national policy. The foundation spearheaded the development of the National Guidelines for Cancer Management in Kenya by bringing together the two Ministries of Health (formerly the Ministry of Medical Services and Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation) in the previous administration. This culminated in the launch of the guidelines by the Ministry of Health in August 2013, following the regrouping of the ministries. ACF handed over 200 copies of the guidelines to the College for Health Sciences (University of Nairobi) on 28th September 2015. The guidelines are to be disseminated by the Ministry of Health through training to representatives of the 47 counties.