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Rwanda Philanthropy Forum

About Us:

The Rwanda Philanthropy Forum embodies a unique coalition of philanthropic visionaries and practitioners across Rwanda, committed to cultivating a robust culture of giving. We stand at the forefront of philanthropic innovation, discerning key areas for impactful engagement and advocating for synergistic partnerships that elevate our collective mission.

Our dedication lies in orchestrating initiatives that not only respond to immediate needs but also strategically shape the philanthropic terrain. By closely tracking emerging trends and focal points for intervention, we strive to inspire and guide purposeful philanthropy that resonates with Rwanda’s evolving aspirations.

Why Join Us? 

Collaborative Synergy: Connect with Rwanda’s philanthropic vanguards and thought leaders to forge a unified front in charitable endeavors.

Actionable Insights: Immerse yourself in dynamic dialogues that dissect and understand the latest philanthropic trends, crafting actionable strategies that resonate with Rwanda’s progressive vision.

Impactful Interventions: Chart the philanthropic waters to identify and focus on sectors that offer the most promise for transformative investments and ingenuity.

Partnership Opportunities: Unlock a realm of collaborative potential with like-minded entities to pool resources, exchange expertise, and exponentially enhance the impact of your philanthropic actions.


Forum Membership​

Private foundations, family foundations, community foundations, corporate foundations ,and faith-based giving in addition to private companies with structured CSR departments.