June 6, 2024
08:00 - 16:00
Golden Tulip Hotel, Addis Ababa

Philanthropy Forum of Ethiopia: Advancing Philanthropy: Pathways to Diversified Sustainable Funding Models

The current landscape of global philanthropy, while expansive, reveals a critical dependency on traditional funding streams that are increasingly proving inadequate for sustainable development’s evolving demands. Despite a 25% increase in philanthropic funding for development from 2013 to 2018, as reported by the OECD, the reliance on limited types of funding sources exposes the sector to heightened financial volatility, especially in economically unstable regions. This vulnerability underscores the urgent need for more resilient and diversified funding models.

As the world continues to confront global challenges, including economic disparities and environmental crises, the strategic importance of integrating innovative funding mechanisms becomes evident. These mechanisms not only provide stability but also enhance the capacity for philanthropic endeavors to achieve broader, more sustainable impacts. By adopting diversified funding models that incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria, philanthropic organizations can align more closely with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The reevaluation of economic recovery strategies in the post-pandemic era further highlights the need for sustainability and resilience in philanthropic funding. The forum will delve into how sustainable funding models can offer more than just financial support—they can foster long-term partnerships, facilitate technological advancements, and support systemic changes in community development.

Moreover, the current geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainties globally necessitate a shift towards funding models that are not only sustainable but also adaptable to changing global dynamics. This forum will explore how leveraging diverse funding sources, including digital finance, social impact bonds, and venture philanthropy, can serve as a catalyst for more profound and enduring philanthropic impacts.

This critical conversation comes at a time when the global community is poised to redefine the role of philanthropy in a post-crisis world. The forum will address how to harness the potential of innovative funding to not just navigate but thrive amidst these global shifts, ensuring that philanthropy remains a pivotal force for good in the face of ongoing and future challenges.

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