Publication : Ubuntu Spotlight – 2nd Edition

Welcome to the Ubuntu Spotlight, 2nd Edition 2023. In this issue, we are pleased to extend our invitation to our members, partners and other stakeholders to the 8th East Africa Philanthropy Conference, a gathering of 300+ philanthropic practitioners and organizations. It is a premeditated, creative and facilitative milieu for actors in African philanthropy to strategize, network, reflect, and develop impactful action centered on the triumphs and challenges within the sector. We invite abstracts from our members, partners and stakeholders, and those that seek to share innovative and non-conventional approaches that aim to inspire shared learning. The abstracts should track or include a reflection on developments over the past decade and speak to the current defies while re-imagining the future in the East Africa region and on the continent. We envisage the sessions as exchange forums in which we can navigate and negotiate, discuss and discover, create and correlate strategies informed by national, regional, continental, and global experiences. This newsletter also presents articles from the East Africa Philanthropy Network on ‘Aligning Civil Society Organizations’ engagement with the media’ and ‘Wetlands and Climate Change: Perspectives of a Female Pastoralist’. It also covers news from our members and partners and other global articles related to philanthropy and deemed valuable to us all. In this issue, we are also happy to present to you the Year of Return Webinar, which will take place on 16th March 2023 anchored on the theme ‘Sustainable Development for the African Continent & Beyond’. We also wish to remind you of the WINGSForum 2023 happening in October. Enjoy the read!