October 12, 2023
08:00 - 17:00
Protea Hotel Kololo, Kampala

PFU 2023: Reflect – Innovate – Impact: Adopting Actionable Values for Vibrant Philanthropy

East Africa Philanthropy Network (EAPN) is pleased to convene an in-person forum for practitioners in philanthropy in Uganda, under the theme ‘‘Reflect – Innovate – Impact: Adopting Actionable Values for Vibrant Philanthropy ’’. This event is organized as an in-person convening which will be held on 12th October, 2023 at the Protea Skyz Hotel, Kampala. This event aims to bring together stakeholders in philanthropy to share best practices within their organizations, and engage with actors in philanthropy as a way to strengthen the sector within East Africa. 

Achieving a more vibrant philanthropy in future will call for taking time to understand the root causes of social issues and identifying the most effective ways to address them which involves conducting research, engaging with stakeholders, and analyzing data to gain insights into the underlying problems. By reflecting on the current state of affairs, philanthropists can develop a deeper understanding of the issues they aim to tackle and make informed decisions about where their resources can have the greatest impact.

Actors in philanthropy must be more innovative and embrace creative thinking in order to find sustainable solutions to societal problems. This will involve utilizing technology, engaging with different partners, or adopting unconventional tools to challenging issues like poverty, low literacy levels, climate change etc. Funders and beneficiaries may use innovation to adapt to changing conditions and identify more efficient and effective methods to impact good change and provide more outcomes.

The topmost goal of philanthropy is to make a tangible impact in the community. This will focus on achieving measurable outcomes and long-term sustainable change. Impact emphasizes result-oriented approaches that go beyond short-term fixes and instead aim for step by step transformation. Philanthropists should therefore set clear goals, monitor progress and evaluate results.

Achieving efficient and impact-oriented philanthropy will require adopting actionable values. This will call for aligning one’s actions with a set of core values that guide decision-making and shape the overall approach to the act of giving. These values may include principles such as equity, inclusivity, transparency, and accountability.