I want to express my profound gratitude for your unwavering support and steadfast companionship on
our journey. Your consistent readership and active engagement have been an Invaluable part of our pursuit of transformative societal change. To our esteemed members and partners, I extend a heartfelt thank you for your tireless dedication and immense contributions. Your efforts have served as an embodiment of our shared commitment to fostering sustainable and inclusive growth.

At EAPN, we continually strive to create impactful platforms for collaboration, learning, and dialogue through strategic initiatives such as capacity building, cutting-edge research, and dynamic convening’s. Our work is anchored in the aspiration to influence societal transformation positively. In this spirit, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to join us for the upcoming National Philanthropy Forums in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. These events promise to be vibrant platforms for insightful discourse on philanthropy, societal development, and our collaborative efforts towards advancing our shared objectives.

Moreover, we are delighted to be co-hosting the highly anticipated WINGS Forum this October. This
unique gathering promises to convene thought leaders and change makers from around the world to explore our collective capacity to ‘Transform Philanthropy to Transform the World’. The content we bring you is meticulously curated with your interests at heart. We invite you to delve into our latest offerings and engage with the amazing ideas therein. We also welcome those desiring to contribute to
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