Join the Philanthropy Forum of Ethiopia

About Us:

At the Philanthropy Forum of Ethiopia, we provide a vibrant nexus for philanthropy enthusiasts and professionals throughout Ethiopia. Our commitment is to sculpt the philanthropic landscape, staying attuned to the latest developments, fostering united action, pinpointing pivotal areas for intervention, and promoting synergistic efforts for greater impact.

We are a catalyst for change within the philanthropic sector, elevating the collective capabilities of our members to advance the public good. By anticipating and adapting to the evolving dynamics of philanthropy, we aim to direct efforts where they can yield the most significant benefits.

Why Join the Forum?

Collaborative Interaction: Join a community of philanthropic leaders and specialists dedicated to crafting unified, innovative solutions for the common good.

Actionable Practice: Engage in rich, forward-looking dialogues about emergent trends and jointly devise strategies that dovetail with Ethiopia’s developmental blueprint.

Transformative Interventions: Highlight and focus on sectors primed for philanthropic endeavors, driving investment, and fostering creativity.

Partnership Engagements: Seek and cement new partnerships, pooling resources and expertise to multiply the effectiveness of philanthropic efforts.