Evans Okinyi

Position: Chief Executive Officer
Categories: Team

Evans, as the CEO of a regional network of over 100 organizations in East Africa, demonstrates exemplary leadership in the realm of philanthropy. His role primarily involves setting strategic direction and ensuring the effective execution of the network’s mission to develop and nurture philanthropy in the region. With over nine years of experience, Evans excels in networks management, seamlessly coordinating and integrating the efforts of various organizations to maximize their collective impact.

His responsibilities also encompass policy formulation and implementation, where he identifies key areas for systemic change and leads initiatives to address these. Evans’s deep understanding of the complex landscape of non-profit management allows him to effectively steer policy decisions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of philanthropic efforts.

A crucial part of his role is managing and nurturing relationships with stakeholders and partners. This includes engaging with donors, government bodies, community leaders, and member organizations, fostering collaborations that amplify the network’s reach and impact.

As a CEO, Evans also oversees the overall administrative and operational aspects of the network, ensuring financial stability, compliance with regulations, and maintaining high standards of governance and accountability. His leadership is characterized by a vision-driven approach and a commitment to creating sustainable change in the philanthropic sector.