February 27, 2024
17:00 - 19:00
Serena Hotel

Working Group on Education: Innovating for Educational Equity

This forum, organized by the EAPN Working Group on Education and slated for the 27th of February from 5-7 PM at Serena Hotel, seeks to bring together donors actively funding educational initiatives, alongside significant private sector entities that have demonstrated a robust commitment to supporting education. Additionally, we will welcome implementers of various educational programs and are keen to engage with pertinent government departments to enrich this dialogue.

The central theme, “Innovating for Educational Equity,” underscores our commitment to instigating systemic change within the educational sector. Our objectives are to:

  1. Advocate for Evidence-Informed Policy: Promote the adoption of policies informed by rigorous evidence to ensure universal access to education, creating a level playing field for all learners.
  2. Mobilize Diverse Financial Resources: Engage a broad spectrum of contributors to secure funding for pioneering solutions in education, fostering innovation and sustainability.
  3. Implement Revolutionary Educational Programs: Launch initiatives that significantly boost learning outcomes, employing state-of-the-art technologies and innovative teaching methods to revolutionize education.