July 8, 2024 - July 9, 2024
08:00 - 16:00

The 2024 Grantmakers Summit: Strategic Philanthropy in a Dynamic Era

The world faces escalating challenges such as widening income disparities, persistent social injustices, and environmental crises, making the need for strategic and responsive philanthropy more apparent. Recent data underscore the urgency: increasing global inequality and setbacks in human development indices due to ongoing global crises demand a reevaluation and re-alignment of philanthropic strategies to ensure efficacy and impact. Effective grantmaking today demands shifting from traditional practices to a commitment to trust-based, justice-oriented actions that address immediate needs while architecting long-term, sustainable change. The 2024 Grantmakers Summit ‘Strategic Philanthropy in a Dynamic Era’Assessing. Architecting. Advancing scheduled for the 8th – 9th of July in Nairobi, emerges as the quintessential ground for ideation, collaboration, and action.

Addressing the entrenched inequities in grantmaking and advancing systemic reform have become categorical imperatives, and the summit will rigorously engage with such, with discussions ranging from implementing trust-based grantmaking to recalibrate power dynamics and foster substantial partnerships to taking decisive steps towards advancing social justice and comprehensive restructuring within our practices. We will explore cutting-edge giving vehicles that introduce novel approaches to funding, supporting a multi-pronged approach to impact. Additionally, we will investigate strategic innovations essential for scaling impact—purposefully designed to broaden our outreach and significantly deepen our interventions’ efficacy.

The summit will facilitate substantial connections and collaborations, offering an excellent opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals committed to excellence in grantmaking. It provides an ideal environment to deepen your learning from geographical and peer-related perspectives, enhancing your capacity to implement effective strategies in your work. Additionally, the summit is perfect for strengthening existing relationships and cultivating new partnerships. With limited slots available, ensure your participation by registering HERE. Do not miss out on this fundamental opportunity