October 31, 2022
15:00 - 16:00

Pre-Assembly Twitter Space

This will be a pre-Assembly engagement aimed at championing a conversation around strengthening the framework and effectiveness of African philanthropy as a force for the common good.

The African Philanthropy Network, East Africa Philanthropy Network (EAPN), Uganda NGO Forum, and CivSource Africa invite you to participate in the 2022 APN Assembly Twitter Space discussion scheduled for 31st October 2022 at 3 pm EAT on Twitter Space

Theme – African Philanthropy: Driving Change

During the chat organizations will share unique insights by:
• Highlighting the role of African philanthropy in addressing critical issues of our time
• Exploring new roles for African philanthropy: challenges, contradictions, and game changers
• Interrogating power dynamics that shape how resource mobilization, distribution, and spending impact the possibilities of transformative work in the continent?

Join the conversation on Twitter by following @InfoAPN @EAPhilanthropy @ngoforum @CivsourceAfrica

Hashtags: #APNAssembly2022 #PhilanthropyDrivingChange @EAPhilanthropy @ngoforum @CivsourceAfrica