June 3, 2021
08:00 - 18:00
Zoom - Virtual
Masterclass on Foresight Strategic Planning

Masterclass on Foresight Strategic Planning

Kenya Philanthropy Forum

About  E-Futures Training Programs

1. How to think like a futurist!

This course is tailored for individuals who would like to invest in understanding the academic foundations of foresight thinking and work. The course is flexibly offered in three modules/levels and each level has a series of four courses offered in a two-hour session, once a week. Each module, therefore, runs for one month.

2. Action learning and foresight practice!

This course is tailor-made for groups e.g. in similar professions, or organizational departments, seeking to understand both the basics of future thinking in their industry but also innovating future solutions to increase resilience, enhance productivity, and secure future competitive advantage in their organization.

3. Growing future change makers!

This training program is tailormade for young change-makers on the Continent. It entails partnerships with youth-serving organizations where we train or help youth to design change projects in their communities.

What are the courses about?

The courses are a basic introduction to the subject matter of the future as defined in the field of Futures Studies and Foresight. Because the fact that these are short training courses, it will specifically focus on how the learners navigate uncertainty while providing structure around making key strategic decisions during the time of disruptive change with the aim of developing a foresight mindset and a foresight culture of practice.

Who are the courses for?

This lesson is intended for anyone who has no or very little knowledge on the field of Futures Studies or Foresight, for curious people who love learning new ways of doing things, and for those in positions to manage any sought of change in these disruptive and uncertain times.

How will you benefit from taking any of the courses?

You will receive the basic knowledge and the necessary background to understand foresight concepts and ideas. You will get a broader perspective on adaptive change practices.

Competences addressed by the lessons:

  • Reflective capacity
  • Critical thinking
  • Strategic decision making