September 4, 2023
08:00 - 17:00
Acacia Premier Hotel, Kisumu

KPF 2023 – Tech-Enabled Philanthropy: Transforming Communities Towards Sustainability

The East Africa Philanthropy Network (EAPN) is proud to present the second round of the Kenya Philanthropy Forum, under the theme Tech-Enabled Philanthropy: Transforming Communities Towards sustainability. This exciting in-person gathering will take place at the Acacia Premier Hotel in Kisumu on 4th September 2023 from 8.30am.

  Innovation drives transformation in giving especially in this era of rapid technological growth. The proliferation of digital platforms and data analytics is revolutionizing how charitable organizations function, bringing with it a plethora of benefits and possibilities. Philanthropists are now able to reach out to a broader audience across wider regions, as they promote greater engagement and support various causes, thanks to increased access to technology. 

  Data-driven decision-making is critical to development. It acts as an enabler for organizations to measure and evaluate their impact with greater precision. Technology equips philanthropy to be more efficient, transparent, and inclusive, bridging gaps between donors, intermediaries, and implementers/ beneficiaries. Technology-enabled strategies promote new collaborations and strategic alliances, propelling development and subsequently ensuring more resilient and sustainable communities.  

Through this forum we aim to influence the philanthropy ecosystem by equipping participants with practical tools and solutions. Thus, we seek to empower philanthropists, CSOs, and social entrepreneurs to navigate a technology-driven landscape with confidence and efficacy. The forum will also foster a collective vision among participants, propelling them towards a future where technology and philanthropy synergize to overcome challenges and create lasting positive change in the social development landscape.