Strengthening Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Increasing Philanthropy's Support for Disability in East Africa

The East Africa Philanthropy Network (EAPN) capitalizes on its position as a convener of regional stakeholders to strengthen dialogue on the value of organized philanthropy by driving the agenda of disability giving in the region.  At EAPN we strive to ensure that there is fair treatment and opportunity for all, with a special focus on the vulnerable and persons with disability in the region.  Our convenings are focused on strengthening funding and networks towards support for persons with disabilities. Our ultimate goal is to establish a vibrant network for persons with disability as well as link them to funders and other stakeholders. EAPN facilitates meetings to establish inclusive donor roundtables in Tanzania and Uganda, with the express view to tap into funding from non-traditional sources and direct them towards the disability sector.

Through alliance-building, facilitating cross-sectoral partnerships, generation of knowledge, and stakeholder convenings, EAPN continues to engage various agents of development towards scaling up the impact aimed at disability causes. Our partnership’s agenda brings together all stakeholders including funders, implementers, educational institutions, CSOs, Private sector and governments towards championing disability inclusion.