Climate Change Philanthropy

Climate Change Philanthropy

EAPN supports the philanthropy sector to incorporate climate change responses into their strategic work. We partner with stakeholders to generate expert knowledge and support philanthropists to respond to the climate change challenge (appropriately and on time). We also engage leaders in this sector to direct resources towards climate change responses both at the policy, governance and legislative levels as well at the praxis level in support of mitigation and adaptation. 

We create forums for effective collaborations and partnerships that aim to leverage the strengths of philanthropy in response to the urgency of the climate change agenda. The climate change challenges and opportunities are too big, too complex and systemic for any one actor to work alone. EAPN has positioned itself as a leader in building relationships, fostering alliances and networks, pooling funds, and collaborating across sectors for both learning and action. We run a knowledge hub on climate action, climate activism and action on protecting the planet while also protecting disadvantaged communities. This supports all local and regional philanthropy organizations in their response to the climate change challenge. 

We strive to form top-level engagement panels with decision makers from philanthropy, the private sector, CSOs in human rights and climate change to convene with governments in their respective countries. EAPN also engages stakeholders at the regional level to drive the agenda for reducing climate change and altering the course of biodiversity loss in the region. These are complex problems that require the utmost effort and collaboration on multiple levels. 

Through philanthropy we are also able to influence market dynamics through well-targeted investments and contribute to building strong civil society movements through grassroots organizing. We have set up a community of practice that focuses on sharing resources, equipping practitioners and leveraging the emerging trends that are influencing philanthropy.